985MM X 985MM X 985MM Tall Large Incinerator, Chimenea, Smoker, Waste Burner (Made To Your Specification)

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For sale is a list of our most popular options on our incinerators.

Please choose from the drop down menus and we will build your incinerator to cater for your exact need

our standard or top loading lid will overhang all sides of the burning area to prevent it filling up with rain water when not in use, and also prevent rain water from entering during use. When you receive this item, you will require a second person to carefully lift the lid out of the burning area (we flip it upside down for transport).

If you choose the removable ash grate additional option, you'll receive a perforated piece of steel on legs, designed fit inside the burning area, designed to help get oxygen underneath the fire and also to take some of the burning heat away from the base of the main burning area, our burning box is made from 3mm thick steel and is the best option for longevity of the incinerator as it keeps all of the burning in a local area inside helping with burning, it is approximately 200mm smaller than the size of the bottom of the incinerator and will have legs 200mm tall on.

if you chose a 985 incinerator and a burning box, the burning box dimensions will be approximately 685 x 685 and 685 tall with around 200mm underneath for the ash to fall out and be emptied from the lift up door on the front.

The chimney is typically 500mm tall on top of the lid but we also do 1m chimney extension pieces but we recommend only adding one or two maximum to ensure stability of the lid as it is removable

It has a lift off door at the front for easy cleaning, and has cut outs all the way around to let oxygen in.

If you click buy it now please allow at least 5-10 working days for fabrication, if you are unsure about lead times please feel free to ask.

Delivery will be made using a pallet courier, we will usually let you know when to expect delivery, but if nobody is home to accept delivery and we will be charged an additional delivery fee which we will unfortunately have to pass on to you if we have been in contact and arranged a delivery date.

If you would prefer a different design please feel free to ask, we are metal fabricators, so most designs should be possible.

We are constantly changing and upgrading the design for these, it is very likely you may receive something ever so slightly different in appearance, however the performance will remain the same if not better than originally advertised.

It will arrive in a bare metal state, which will eventually rust if left outdoors, it is also likely to warp and distort slightly during use, depending on the size of the fires, this shouldn't affect use as we design these with a good tolerance.

the price of postage can vary massively, postage outside of uk mainland may be extra.

PRICE INCLUDES VAT and a vat invoice will be emailed over within 14 days to the original purchase email address.

Users must be very careful when operating these incinerators, face shields and welding gauntlets should always be used.