Mild Steel Sheet

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The photo used is just generic, you may not receive what is in the photo unless you specify within the drop down menus before adding to basket.

Free delivery on all items to UK

All items are cut on a Guillotine and are +/-2MM

It is possible that any sheets cut could have a slight twist or bow, this comes naturally with Guillotine cutting.

You are entitled to two free cuts per item, the general rule of thumb for cutting is the amount to be cut off has to be at least 3 times the thickness, for example, if you buy a piece of 5MM mild steel, the minimum amount we can trim off it is 15MM.

Extra cuts are £1.20 each and must be added to your basket.

You must leave us a message at the checkout to say what cuts you require when paying, and if ordering multiple items, please stipulate which items require this. Cut tolerances are +/-2MM

For example if you need a piece 255MM x 950MM, please purchase the closest size available that is larger than what you need such as 300MM x 1000MM

If you do not specify you need the off-cuts, we will keep these.